From Farm, to Roast, to You

Well, it's not exactly that simple. Before the coffee beans become your morning brew, 30 (sometimes more!) coffee farmers had a hand in growing and preparing your delicious cup.

To ensure all of these farmers are paid fair wages, they are the owners of The Co-op! This puts the profits back into their pockets so they can prevent poverty in their community.

Learn more from one of our board members, Tomas Edelmann.

Try a roast from Finca Hamburgo!

Our Organic Joya De Chiapas is a whole bean, delicious dark roast that has tasting notes of honey, vanilla, and dark chocolate with a sweet and creamy body and ends with a light aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

"My sister, a good friend of mine, and I are all ecstatic about these beans and them going on sale soon.  And I'm super pumped to hand these beans to about 15 organic sumatra virgins.  I feel like it's Christmas, again.  Please do NOT ever stop making these beans!  Ever!"

Adam A
The Coffee Farmer's Co-op, Farmers

People Over Profits

Many corporations are mandaded by banks or investors to focus on profits at the expense of the farmers. Not us.

At the Coffee Farmer's Co-op, our unique business model allows us to focus on changing poverty in the industry by working with people directly.

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