From Farm, to Roast, to You

Well, it's not exactly that simple. Before the coffee beans become your morning brew, 30 (sometimes more!) coffee farmers had a hand in growing and preparing your delicious cup.

To ensure all of these farmers are paid fair wages, they are the owners of The Co-op! This puts the profits back into their pockets so they can prevent poverty in their community.

Learn more from one of our board members, Tomas Edelmann.

Limited-Edition Roast

Take a trip to Kona, Hawaii with our new, limited-time roasts. Both brews are medium roast, whole bean coffee with tasting notes of floral, vanilla, and cherry. We only have 150 bags of each roast available!

The Coffee Farmer's Co-op, Farmers

People Over Profits

Many corporations are mandaded by banks or investors to focus on profits at the expense of the farmers. Not us.

At the Coffee Farmer's Co-op, our unique business model allows us to focus on changing poverty in the industry by working with people directly.

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