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By joining the Good Karma Program, keeping single origin green coffee in stock has never been easier or more ethical!

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How It Works

Let's Meet

The first step is to hear more about your roastery so we can match you to a farm that fits your needs.

Get Matched

After you explain your coffee needs, you'll receive farm options so you can determine who is the best fit!

Work Direct

You'll be able to contact the coffee farmers directly to discuss the details. We are here to handle the logstics.

Our Story

The Coffee Farmer's Co-op is a partnership between farmers, roasters, and business leaders in the industry.

It's an acknowledgment of the essential part coffee farmers play and an agreement to ensure they are paid wages that reflect their importance. Instead of being "fair trade" coffee, why not take it a step further?

We are a farmer-owned company, so all profits are given to the farmers and their communities!

Why You'll Love The Good Karma Program

The Benefits


No Minimum Order Quantity

To make our program accessible to roasteries of all sizes, we don't have any MOQs.


Access to Microlots

Leverage our long-standing relationships to access some of the "gems" in the coffee industry.


No Upcharges or Fees 

Since you will work directly with the farmers, you won't incur any middlemen costs.

A Mission Customers Connect With 

I have searched high and low for the best coffee. I’ve finally found it at The Coffee Farmers Co-op. Absolutely love it. Thank you Farmers for the best coffee on the planet.

Deborah L.

I grew tired of the old big brand coffee bean selection. So happy to find the Coffee Farmer's Co-op. I grew up on a farm and understand how important a co-op is in marketing products, and supporting the growers. Plus, the coffee has been outstanding. I would love to keep this site a secret but in good conscious cannot - it's five stars.

Steve R.

First experienced the Coffee Farmer’s French Roast via Grocery Outlet. Loved it and bought from GO until it wasn’t there anymore. Went looking for it online and found buying direct was at an excellent price. I now have a neighbor who loves it, too. Delicious!

Kat D.

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