Meet the Coffee Farmers

The incredible farmers behind your morning cup. 

How Our Partnership With the Farmers Works

At The Coffee Farmer's Co-Op, it's simple. For every farmer we work with, they get one vote as a partial owner of the company. Yup, that's right... every single one of these coffee farmers is an owner of The Coffee Farmer's Co-op.

The Coffee Farmer's Co-op empowers coffee farmers by giving them a seat on the board of directors, and every member is an owner with a vote. Farmers get paid more than their cost of production, receive farm assistance, research findings on tree kinds, and low-interest loans. The company's profits are divided among the farms or communities, depending on what the owner farmers decide. We are proud to be an ethically sourced coffee company.

Below, we discuss the incredible farmers and farming communities that we are lucky enough to work with. 

Coffee Farmers

The Edelmann Family Farm, Mexico

A tranquil coffee estate unlike any other is located in the high mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. Tomas Edelmann, his wife Maria, and their children Tomas Bruno and Miranda have contributed significantly to the community and land for five generations.

The Edelmann's have demonstrated a beautiful commitment to producing high-quality coffee and enhancing the lives of all of those who work for them on their lovely farm.

Usaha Tani Gayo Co-Op, Sumatra

Koperasi U Tani Gayo is a small cooperative that was established in 2017. Over 1,800 farmers have joined the cooperative in four years, with women owning more than 25% of the farms. All members are working to improve and increase small farmers' farming production yield. As a result, the cooperative has made tremendous improvements in farm management, crop development, and sales price increase.

Koperasi Gayo Lauser Antara

Gayo Lauser Antara Cooperative wasfounded in 2015, and has 771 members,able to export Green Ready Export GR1 about 35 containers every season /year

Cafe Montes Y Colina, Colombia 

Cafe Montes y Colinas is a family of coffee farmers founded in the 1970s by Ernesto Garcés. Ernesto, his wife, and four of their children support the coffee farmers, the land, and the community alongside their year-round employees and neighboring farms.

Empowering Coffee Farmers Around the World

As we continue to grow and work with coffee farmers, we're excited to reach our goals in the future. Every time you support our coffee company, you are supporting an amazing network of coffee farmers and helping fight poverty around the world. 

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