Our French Roasted Organic Sumatra Coffee

Everything you need to know about our fan-favorite roast. 

All About Our Organic Sumatra Coffee

One of the first blends our company officially launched in select Costco locations was our French Roasted Organic Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee.

This unique blend quickly became a fan-favorite, so today, we're diving deep into all you need to know about our organic sumatra coffee. Sumatran coffees have received praise by coffee drinkers around the world, as they are well for offering a rich, pleasant flavor. Typically, organic Sumatra coffee is renowned for having a thick, smooth, and at times, almost syrupy consistency. The greatest Sumatran coffees are only somewhat acidic, adding just enough complexity to the diverse flavors. Frequently, Sumatra coffee will have chocolatey undertone and a spice-based smells as well.

At The Coffee Farmer's Co-op, our Organic Sumatra Coffee is a 100% organic coffee from the Usha Tani Gayo Co-op in Sumatra. A fan favorite, this lovely dark roast has tasting notes of a deliciously sweet dark coca and has an intense, smoky finish. Take it from us - our organic Sumatra coffee is the perfect blend to wake you up and start your day right! 

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The Farmers Behind the Beans

Meet the incredible group of farmers behind our organic Sumatra beans! This cooperative is called the Koperasi U Tani Gayo, and was established in 2017. Over 1,800 farmers have joined the cooperative in its four years, and more than 25% of the farms are held by women. The members are all focused on raising the yield and enhancing the small farmers' farming production. The cooperative has achieved important strides in the cultivation of crops, management of farms, and raising of sales prices.

Shop Our Organic Coffee Today

Ready to purchase our coffee? All of our roasts are available on our site in 1lb, recyclable packaging. Each of our eco friendly coffee roasts is proudly roasted by Club Coffee and ships directly to you!

Additionally, some of our coffee is available for purchase in select Costco and Raley's locations. Please visit our store locator to see if we're available for purchase at a store near you!