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Our West Coast Roast

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Our West Coast Roast

Everything you need to know about the delicious West Coast Roast

All About Our West Coast Roast

Looking for a medium roast coffee that delivers a full-bodied flavor? Our newest roast, the West Coast Roast, is the perfect coffee for you. This delicious blend features high-quality whole bean coffee grown on Mexican and Colombian Farms.

When creating this blend, our master roaster wanted to use two completely diverse combinations on the flavor spectrum. He combined Mexican and Colombian beans as they checked those boxes, creating a delicious, unforgettable blend. 

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Why Mexican and Colombian Beans

So, why did our master roaster choose coffee from Mexico and Colombia? We first selected beans from Mexico as Mexico grows some of the highest quality coffee available. When our farmers grow this coffee, they use high altitudes. This is because high altitudes are the most ideal for cultivating the perfect coffee plant. As follows, this enables the bean to mature for a more extended period, resulting in a fuller, richer, and more intense flavor. Thus, Mexican coffee beans are known for their light body and acidity, generally with a nutty flavor. In addition, they have a rich flavor profile.

Though Colombian coffee has a different flavor profile than Mexico's, they have some of the same farming tactics. Colombian high-altitude coffees are among the most sought-after crops, and these beans are also grown in high altitudes and the shade. Here in Colombia, milder mountain temperatures allow the beans to ripen more slowly. As a result, beverages become more acidic, fragrant, and flavorful (but also a lower yield). As a result, Colombian coffee farms are known for producing moderate, well-balanced coffee beans. Colombian coffee is typically a medium-bodied coffee with a rich flavor, citrus-like acidity, and even a fruity flavor, sometimes with chocolate notes. It's a relatively mild coffee that's frequently used as a base for blends and on its own. 

The Farmers Behind the Beans

The Edelmann's - Mexico

A tranquil coffee estate unlike any other can be found in the high mountains of Chiapas, Mexico.Five generations of hardworking Edelmann family members have committed their lives to the community and land, including Tomas Edelmann, his wife Maria, and their children Tomas Bruno and Miranda.

Their love of coffee is only equaled by their commitment to producing high-quality coffee and improving the lives of people who work with them on their beautiful farm.

Cafe Montes Y Colinas - Colombia

Cafe Montes y Colinas is a family of coffee producers founded in the 1970s by Ernesto Garcés. Ernesto, his wife, and four of their children support the coffee producers, the land, and the community alongside their year-round employees and neighboring farms.

Shop Our West Coast Roast Today

Ready to try our West Coast Roast? All of our roasts are available on our site in 1lb, recyclable packaging. Each of our eco friendly coffee roasts is proudly roasted by Club Coffee. We can ship it directly to you, or you can pick it up at select Costco and Raley's locations.
Please visit our store locator to see if we're available for purchase at a store near you! 

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