Raising the Bar on Sustainable Coffee

At the Coffee Farmer's Co-Op, our packaging is a recyclable, renewable alternative to today's multilayer plastic packaging and bulky cans. 

All About Our Sustainable Coffee Packaging 

At The Coffee Farmer’s Co-op, in partnership with Club Coffee, you can find more than sustainable coffee. From the way the coffee is grown and sourced to the way it is packaged, we’ve infused sustainability at every level. As an agricultural business that is owned and operated by coffee farmers, taking care of our beautiful planet has always been at the forefront of our mission. Our choice to sustainably source coffee but also utilize sustainable packaging was a no-brainer.

Sustainable Coffee Company

Aromapaktm Paper-Based Packaging
With Boardio® Technology 

The unique Boardio® packaging is a recyclable, renewable alternative to today's multilayer plastic packaging and bulky cans. This innovative alternative keeps food fresh while reducing plastic waste and off-setting carbon emissions. Instead of the traditional coffee packaging that consumers usually have to throw away, our packaging is almost entirely made of recyclable material

Benefits of Boardio® Technology

Below, our Costco coffee company shares the benefits of recyclable packaging. 
- Minimizes plastic waste and carbon emissions
- Plant-based recyclable paper fiber sourced from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests.
- Reduces carbon footprint from packaging, transportation, and other activities
- Weight savings of 60% when compared to a comparable sized metal cans83% less plastic than a comparable sized plastic canister
- Up to 95% space and transport reductionA lifecycle analysis reveals significantly lower CO2 emissions when compared to alternative packaging.
- Maintains coffee freshness. The airtight seal keeps coffee fresh and extends the shelf life.
- Easy-to-use and convenient.
- Longevity, high quality, and ergonomic design.
- Consumer preferred packaging.
- Convenient handling, scooping, closing and storage 

Sip & Recycle

If you are looking for a sustainable coffee, look no further and try a cup of The Coffee Farmer’s Co-op which is now available at some Costcos! Find our location list, here.

Try Our Eco-Friendly Coffee Today

Ready to try our eco friendly coffee? We can't wait to hear your thoughts! We are currently available at select Costco + and Raley's locations, and will be selling online soon. For store updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram today.