What Is Shade Grown Coffee?

Learn more about the numerous benefits of shade grown coffee.

What Exactly Is Shade Grown Coffee?

So, what is shade grown coffee? Shade-grown coffee is Arabica coffee cultivated at high altitudes under the canopy of bigger plants and trees in the rainforest. The coffee bush is a shade-loving plant that flourishes in this micro-ecosystem and produces more even higher quality coffee beans. The Coffee Farmers Co-Op, a sustainable coffee company, explains that  shade-grown coffee grows slowly in its natural rainforest home, resulting in a much richer, more balanced coffee flavor. This then creates the best whole bean coffee.

Shade-grown coffee farmers value the rainforest habitat and everything it entails. As a result, they adhere to the strictest environmental regulations when cultivating, selecting, and processing their coffee beans.

Does Shade-Grown Coffee Taste Better?

While there isn't a lot of verifiable data to suggest shade-grown coffee is superior, the general quality of shade-produced beans is frequently brought up. Beans cultivated in the shade are no longer transformed into something other than a conventional coffee bean. However, planting coffee plants in the shade produces fantastic, high-quality beans.

Shade-grown coffee is coffee that is cultivated naturally under a forest canopy. While it is not yet a full-fledged movement, it is well on its way to becoming a worldwide awareness. And now YOU know what it's all about, so you'll be better prepared than ever when you go out to get coffee.

Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee?

Numerous studies have shown that the coffee on shade-grown coffee farms is superior to that on sun-grown farms. Below, our coffee experts dive into all of the unique benefits of shade grown coffee.

shade grown coffee

Taste of High Quality Coffee

Natural sugars rise and enhance the flavor of the coffee as the coffee beans grow more slowly in the shade.

Helps to Preserve the Environment

Coffee farms that rely on chemicals suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion. Rainforest is cleared to make room for new growth. It has preservation/erosion control, carbon sequestration, natural insect control, and improved pollination. 

Improved Health

Coffee, along with cigarettes, is sprayed with the most chemicals of any human-consumed commodity. Shade-grown coffee is often naturally grown and chemical-free.

Better for the Environment 

You may be confident that your money is helping farmers who are growing their products in the most environmentally friendly manner when you buy organic shade-grown coffee. Shade coffee farms are primarily organic and sustainable.

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